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Common Problem

How can I confirm the inventory of the product?
We will make every effort to maintain the accuracy of inventory inquiries, most of the b-world products can be online inquiries, if you need the product can not be found online, please call customer service hotline consultation. But we're sorry, we can not provide product reservation service.
Why are products sometimes out of stock?
We will do our best to ensure the supply of products in the catalog, but due to some products sold well, or due to supply problems may be temporarily out of stock. In general, we can inquire about the approximate arrival time of a product, but because IKEA products are produced all over the world, there is sometimes a delay in arrival. B-wrold provides arrival notification service, you can register your mobile phone number or e-mail on the website, there will be a text message or e-mail notification.
Online Mall account password forget how to do?
Enter the user name on the landing page and click "Forgot Password" to submit the application. By resolving your username is a mobile phone number or email address, the system will send the corresponding SMS or mail, instruct you to verify the user name first, and then modify the login password. For security of your account, do not forward verified messages or messages to others. For any support, please contact B-world customer service.

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